Evoba Wood Ceiling System Frequently Asked Questions

Are my border panels preassembled?

Your border panels will not come preassembled unless your room is perfectly square. Typically that is not the case so, we will provide you with the loose panels and you cut and assemble them. You will build the frame around them just like a picture frame.

How many components are there to the Evoba wood ceiling system?

There are five components to the system. They are: 8’ wall molding, corner medallions, 8’ mains, 2’ tees, and the 2’x2’ panels. Panels consist of Frame edges and panels. See the Evoba Dimensional Diagram pdficon_small for more details.

What type of system is Evoba?

Evoba is a “cope and stick joint” system, in which 2’ tees connect to the main beams.

Are there any accessories available for the Evoba system?

Yes, the mainbeam connector clips. There are two connectors included for each main beam. These connectors serve two purposes: they can be used to connect multiple mains, and to secure the mains to the joists in a surface-mount application.

Can I get panels that are larger than 2’x 2’?

Yes, we can custom-make panels that are up to 4’x4’, but we do not recommend that you install larger panels in a smaller room because the ceiling will look out of proportion. You will have more flat space, which will decrease the prominence of the molding and tee. You will also use a 4’ tee instead of a 2’ tee, and will install your mains 4’ on-center. Custom panel sizes may have an extended lead time.

Should my panels fit snugly into the system?

No. The panels are designed to have room to move laterally slightly and up and down. This allows the panel and the cross-tees to slide over, making removal possible.

Is the Evoba system fire-rated?

The Evoba system is ASTM E84 fire-rated, but as the system is made of wood, it is not engineered as a fire-resistant ceiling system.

What is the overall depth of the system?

The overall depth is 2¾”, but the overall profile appears deeper than it actually is, making the Evoba system look like a “true” coffer system.

Do I need to cut a 45-degree angle on my wall moldings?

No. If you use the corner medallions, it eliminates the need to cut 45-degree miter. You simply butt the molding to the corner medallions.

How far apart do I need to install my hanger wires?

Hanger wires should be installed every 4’. This is the same as a metal system.

How do I connect my hanger wire to my mains?

You will drill a ¼” hole at 1” down from the top of each main, and then insert the hanger wire through the hole.

What gauge wire do I need to use?

You should use 12-gauge wire or the equivalent.

Can I use my own molding?

You are not required to use our molding, however, if your molding is larger, you will need to adjust your border panel sizes and cut them accordingly.

Is the Evoba system a solid wood system?

Yes. The only parts of the system that are not solid wood is the spline which is a 5/8” plywood spline, and the base panel which is a veneer. All the other components are solid wood stock, with the exception of the plastic clips.

Can I dismantle one of my preassembled panels?

It is extremely difficult to do so without damaging the panel and finish. The panels are brad-nailed and glued together. Therefore, we do not recommend dismantling the preassembled panels.

How do I install my lighting with the Evoba system?

Traditional lighting can be used with Evoba, including can lights. When using a ceiling mount fixture, especially heavier lights (chandelier-style), building a structure above the ceiling panel is recommended to support the junction box and fixture. Always check with local building codes. Never to hang lighting from a grid system; always attach lighting to framing structure.

How do I cut my border tees?

You will always leave one coped end of the tee. Install the other end tight to the wall and cut the bridge 11/16” over the face measurement of the tee. Consult the installation guide for more information.

Where do I install my first main?

You can find center and work your way out or you can work from one end to the other. Consult installation instructions.

How far apart do I place the mainbeam connectors if I am doing a surface mount application?

Place the mainbeam connectors every 4’.

How do I start the lay-out for the mains and cross tees if I am not using any border panels, but just full panels?

If you choose to build a room or soffit using only full Evoba panels, the dimensions listed below are critical for proper installation:
The distance from your finished wall or soffit to the first main beam is 25 inches. After that, the dimension from center-to-center of each main is 25½ inches.

Can I get a custom stain applied to the components?

Yes, we can custom stain Evoba for an additional charge. You will be responsible for providing us with a stain number and name of the manufacturer.

Can I stain paintable grid components?

Yes, at your own risk. Staining may not be consistent due to wood species variety and conditions at the time of staining. Unfinished paintable grid components can be stained, however finished paintable grid components cannot be stained.

Can I special order a different species of wood?

Yes, we can special order custom species of wood (if available) for an additional charge and extended lead time.

What if I need to touch up a component?

A touch up kit will be included with your order. You can order additional touch up kits if needed.

Is there a manufacturer’s warranty on the Evoba system?

Yes. There is a 5-year limited warranty against manufacturing defects. For additional information please visit warranty page or email us with your question.

What is the lead time for this product?

All standard Evoba orders will be 6-8 weeks. Custom stain or wood species orders may have an extended lead time.

Is the system seismic rated?

No. Evoba has not gone through any seismic testing.

Can a regular mineral board or other decorative 2x2 ceiling tile be used with the Evoba system?

Yes, however that is not how the Evoba system is intended to be used. You can substitute the coffer panel, but the effect of the coffer depth will be eliminated with any flat tile like mineral fiber or decorative tile if used without Frame Edges.

Do your products have a California Proposition 65 warning?

You may see a warning on this product regarding California's Proposition 65, the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986. It is intended to help Californians make informed decisions about protecting themselves from chemicals known to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. The Proposition requires the state to maintain and update a list of chemicals known to the state to cause cancer or reproductive toxicity.

Proposition 65 is designed to inform consumers. This is not the same as a regulatory decision that a product is "safe" or "unsafe". Our products emit no volatile organic compounds (VOC's) and are in no way harmful if the product is used for its intended purpose. At Acoustic Ceiling Products, customer satisfaction is our number one priority and we will be happy to provide any additional information, technical specs or data you may need on any of our products.