Genesis Revealed Edge Trim Installation Instructions

1. Cut border panels to size.

2. Prepare back of panel to receive trim piece. Clean panel properly by removing any dirt, oil or dust on the cut panel’s edge.

3. Apply LocTite® Super Glue® in a thin bead about 1/4" in from the cut edge where the trim will be attached. (Figure 1)

Apply glue to tile

4. Apply revealed edge trim to cut edge of the border panel as shown. (Figure 2) Be sure to align properly with panel’s edge. Trim edge piece at an angle if desired. (Figure 3) Apply pressure along the entire trim and panel joint to assure proper adhesive bond. (Figure 4)

Apply trim to ceiling tile
Finished ceiling tile with trim. Back view.
Finished ceiling tile with trim. Front view.

5. Place border tile into grid and repeat until all border tiles are in place.

Note: Revealed Edge Trim piece is not intended to support weight other than the tile itself. Insulation, for example, can cause trim piece to become unattached.