Our Leadership

Rob Rebman, President

A graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, Rob earned a bachelor’s degree in business with majors in accounting, finance and IT. He earned his CPA certificate in 1991 while working for Arthur Andersen Public Accountants and Consulting. In 1994, Rob joined a large Wisconsin-based ceilings and walls construction business, eventually taking over as CFO and COO. While managing the business, Rob was the lead on a new product development project. The product was patented and eventually brought to market as CeilingMAX, a surface mount grid system. The ownership chose to develop a new company, Acoustic Ceiling Products (ACP), which focused on developing and selling building materials where the product was placed.

Over the next 3 years Rob split his time between the construction and building material businesses. In January of 2001 Rob purchased 51 percent of ACP and transitioned his time to be 100 percent dedicated to the business. During this decade, ACP continued to develop ceiling and wall décor-based products while establishing retail placement of these products across 4,500 locations in North America. Rob’s duties include senior leadership, product development and sales. His passion is chasing new opportunities and challenges.

Our businesses will have no shortage of opportunities to continue to grow and bring interesting products to the Do It Your-self building products community. Rob and his wife, Pam, purchased the remaining 49 percent of the building material businesses in January of 2014. Today we are blessed with over 100 dedicated, talented, valuable team members who make our company what it is today and what it will become in the future.

Away from the businesses, Rob enjoys his three loving, yet sassy children and his soul mate, Pam. Rob is blessed with a wife who allows him the time and freedom to build his dream, a thriving, successful business. Outside of work Rob is an outdoorsman and also enjoys cooking good meals for his family. He also loves to travel and learn about the many wonders and cultures outside the state of Wisconsin.

A graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh with a bachelor’s degree in communications and a minor in business, Pam has been a Human Resources professional for almost a decade and has achieved certifications in FMLA Regulations, HR Law, HR Best Practices, Workers’ Compensation, OSHA Compliance and State of WI Department of Workforce Development Law.

Pam loves her career and treats all employees like family. She spends her days being an advocate for the company and its people, managing many opportunities daily such as safety, hiring, benefits, salaries, corporate growth, performance, policy implementation and change. Her listening and counseling skills are also used quite often, acting as a bridge between the company and employees. She strives to help grow the company and retain the best employees.

Pam Rebman, Director of Human Resources

A proud mother of three active children and a somewhat workaholic husband keep her very busy when not at work. In between juggling schedules, Pam enjoys running half marathons, hoping to someday run a full marathon. Her secret passion would be to open a fashionable clothing boutique in her little corner of the world. She also loves great food and wine, traveling, and spending quality time with family.