Aspect Peel and Stick Stone Backsplash

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Aspect Stone peel and stick tiles are a revolutionary lightweight and flexible tile made of genuine, thin-cut stone. With its easy, peel and stick backsplash or glue-up wall installation, these stone tiles require no contractor, grout, mortar, or complicated or expensive tools. It’s the perfect choice for the DIY homeowner.

  • Each pack includes one 5.9″ x 23.6″ tile; about one square foot
  • Each tile is approximately 1/8″ to 3/16″ thick
  • Tiles are made with genuine, real stone
  • Cuts with tin snips and installs easily
  • Samples are 6″ x 6″
  • Backsplash kit contains 16 tiles or about 15 square feet


With its easy, peel and stick installation, Aspect Stone requires no contractor, grout, mortar, or complicated or expensive tools, making it the perfect choice for the DIY homeowner. Aspect Stone tiles are the natural choice when looking to add an element of the unexpected to your surroundings. This revolutionary lightweight and flexible tile is made of genuine, thin-cut stone for the look and texture of designer stone tile, but for a fraction of the price. Choose from a carefully curated palette of rich shades to add beautiful texture and dimension to your walls, naturally.

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5 reviews for Aspect Peel and Stick Stone Backsplash

  1. ROBIN STEENSON (verified owner)

    I just installed this backsplash in my laundry room and am VERY happy with the end result. I did seal the tile before I put it up since it was being used in a laundry room. Sealing the tile did make the tile darker than I would have wanted but the end result is beautiful. I also used caulking on the back since I had walls that were textured. Overall, the tiles were easy to cut and install. I would recommend this product.

  2. Page Vangstad (verified owner)

    We installed this on both sides of our kitchen. It was pretty easy to install just make sure your measuring accurately. We followed the instructions on installing on painted surfaced. We used caulking pea sized drops of caulking on the adhesive. It looks amazing now that its done !

  3. Paul (verified owner)

    I installed the Aspect Raised Titanium stone on my kitchen backsplash. The product looks great, however this particular “raised” line does NOT begin to cut with snips. I had to purchase a wet saw to cut the product. Even my carbide tipped saber saw blades would only last for one cut. I did use the recommend adhesive and that does appear to hold the product securely to the wall. The other issue I am concerned about is the that a few of the tiles are pulling up from the front where they are factory glued to the backing. Bottom line, great looking product when finished, cutting this raised product ( 1/4″ thick tiles in places) using snips was not possible for me.

  4. Rick (verified owner)

    Just finished the backsplash in our kitchen and absolutely love the results and product. Attention to detail is critical: 1) read the instructions and watch the installation video with the person helping you at least twice, 2) thoroughly discuss the plan for install and along the way, 3) measure multiple times, 4) take your time, rushing it creates mistakes, 5) have all the equipment recommended, 6) while perfect is nice, no one will notice the small mistakes.

  5. Tonya Peterson (verified owner)

    Just finished adding this backsplash and love it!
    This product is so easy to install and results are beyond expected.
    Trying to decide on which to use for the bathroom and laundry room!

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