Cre8tive Hardware Frequently Asked Questions

Can the handles be painted?

Yes, they can be painted as long as you use a paint designed for plastic. Most spray paint designed for plastic does not require priming. Always follow directions on the paint can.

What is the required clearance for the handles?

A minimum of 1-¾ inches is required off the door to ensure it clears the weather sash on top of the door jamb. This applies for both models of handles.

What is the warranty?

1-year limited warranty on manufacture defect and UV stability.

What type of doors can you use these for?

This product works on steel garage doors only. Wood, aluminum, and fiberglass doors will not work as the hardware magnets require ferrous steel to stick.

Do they have UV protection?

Yes, the ABS plastic has an all-weather UV protectant formula built in.

Will this work with garage doors with a low profile track?

It will as long as you retain the minimum 1-¾ inches clearance from door.

How much weight can they hold before they detach?

The average pull-off weight is 2 - 3 lbs. depending on steel quality.