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Style Quiz
Classic style celebrates time-honored designs that are refined and elegant. It includes a blend of traditional furniture pieces that are formal and sleek, yet comfortable for today’s lifestyle. Symmetry is favored in floor plans, as are darker woods for cabinetry and trim. The approach to accessories includes a “less is more” attitude, incorporating a few treasured pieces so as not to overwhelm the space. Neutral or soft colors are hallmarks of this style, accented with brighter, citrus colors.
The Rustic style infuses natural elements in design including wood beams, unfinished wood planks and hammered or distressed metals, for example. The color palette is earthy, incorporating liberal use of browns, greens, yellows and either darker or faded blues. Accessories include plants and greens, pebbles and linens of different textures to add interest. A touch of modern goes a long way in this design scheme and elements of Industrial style work well for fixtures and accents.
An Eclectic design is perfect for those who enjoy a mix of decor styles but like a cohesive look that is achieved through the careful cultivation of items with a variety of colors, textures and shapes. Easy and laid back, Eclectic style includes old pieces mixed with new, unique art and furnishings, and neutral background colors. Rather than an “anything goes” approach, all pieces work together to make up this playful and personal, yet purposeful, style.
Fresh, fun and contemporary are three adjectives used to describe this decorating style. Modern incorporates furniture with clean, straight lines that mimic an updated mid-century modern vibe. While minimalism is a hallmark of Modern, there is room for accessories and accents including statement pieces, such as a colorful graphic print or a bold, futuristic looking light fixture. Many homes in this category make generous use of shades of black and white with bold colors as accents.