Aspect Matted Metal Backsplash

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Aspect Matted Metal Backsplash is the easy, DIY way to get a modern makeover. Perfect for any kitchen or bath, these peel and stick real metal backsplash tiles are easy to install and look great.

  • 3-packs contain 3 sections-about 1 square foot
  • Backsplash samples are 3″ x 3″
  • Backsplash kit contains:
    • 15 square feet of tiles
    • 3 matching 24-inch trims


These self-adhesive metal backsplash tiles provide high-tech sheen to a room to convey luxurious sophistication. Matted tiles are available in stainless and champagne finishes and consist of smaller separate pieces matted together. Aspect metal backsplash tiles are an eco-friendly, affordable alternative to high-end installations. They are made from 32% recycled material and 99% of the waste in the manufacturing process is recycled.

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1 review for Aspect Matted Metal Backsplash

  1. Craig MacKenna (verified owner)

    These tiles made a great improvement in the appearance of our RV galley. The coach was designed with a wall of oak-printed-vinyl-covered thin plywood next to the stovetop. While we cleaned it as best we could, after 14 years of use, the last 7 of them full-time, the wall was pretty grungy. We cleaned the wall as best we could, including with Goof-Off, which erased much of the printed pattern. First we ordered 5 boxes of “Champagne Metal” tiles. Before we installed those, we also ordered 2 packages of the Champagne edging, to finish the exposed inner edge of the tiles.

    Reading that the manufacturer recommended additional glue for RV installation, we also got a tube of one of the recommended adhesives. We used a Dremel tool with a 1.5-inch diameter “plastic-rated” ablative disc for cutting the tiles.

    The tiles went up fairly smoothly, with a couple of panics when the tiles wanted to “grab” prematurely in a not-quite-right orientation. We fairly quickly figured that we had not ordered enough tiles, so we ordered two more boxes as soon as possible. After we received them, we completed the tiling, followed by installing the edging strips. Our resident artist has decided that the tiles and edging complement the overall color scheme of our RV. Nothing has fallen off yet, two weeks after installation. A good product!

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