Classic Style

Classic style celebrates time-honored designs that are refined and elegant. It includes a blend of traditional furniture pieces that are formal and sleek, yet comfortable for today’s lifestyle. Symmetry is favored in floor plans, as are darker woods for cabinetry and trim. The approach to accessories includes a “less is more” attitude, incorporating a few treasured pieces so as not to overwhelm the space. Neutral or soft colors are hallmarks of this style, accented with brighter, citrus colors.

Based on your Classic Style, we have some Backsplash, Ceiling and Wall Panel product recommendations just for you, below!

The crisp, clean lines of artisan glass tiles add a classic sensibility to any kitchen or bath. 

The traditional look of tin in this lightweight, flexible material is easier to install and more affordable.

The timelessness of real tin adds a traditional, sophisticated feel to any environment.

Simulated stone adds stately elegance to any room, instantly elevating the style quotient.