Modern Style

Fresh, fun and contemporary are three adjectives used to describe this decorating style. Modern incorporates furniture with clean, straight lines that mimic an updated mid-century modern vibe. While minimalism is a hallmark of Modern, there is room for accessories and accents including statement pieces, such as a colorful graphic print or a bold, futuristic looking light fixture. Many homes in this category make generous use of shades of black and white with bold colors as accents.
Based on your Modern Style, we have some Backsplash, Ceiling and Wall Panel product recommendations just for you, below!

Classic with an edge, metal tiles add luxurious sheen to any space.

Smooth and practically seamless, waterproof, grout-free tiles add maintenance-free ease.

Stir up style with whimsical designs that are on-trend and avoid looking dated.

Fresh floral designs grounded in nature are an easy modern design option.