Rustic Style

The Rustic style infuses natural elements in design including wood beams, unfinished wood planks and hammered or distressed metals, for example. The color palette is earthy, incorporating liberal use of browns, greens, yellows and either darker or faded blues. Accessories include plants and greens, pebbles and linens of different textures to add interest. A touch of modern goes a long way in this design scheme and elements of Industrial style work well for fixtures and accents.
Based on your Rustic Style, we have some Backsplash, Ceiling and Wall Panel product recommendations just for you, below!

Whether rural or city chic, reclaimed wood planks add charm and character to any setting.

Real wood multi-dimensional mosaic-style panels add depth and character to warm any room.

Genuine thin-cut stone adds natural, unique texture to any décor scheme.

The unique look of real aged metal infuses contrasting color to amplify individual style.