CeilingMAX 25-inch Cross Tee

CeilingMax surface mount vinyl grid system 25-inch Cross Tee connects to Top Hangers to form the ceiling grid system into which ceiling tiles are placed. Cross Tees snap in or out for easy access.

  • Sold as single Cross Tees
  • Each Cross Tee is 25 ” long
  • Made of high-grade PVC
  • Waterproof and washable
  • Snap-In technology makes installation simple and easy

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The CeilingMAX 25-inch Cross Tee is used when you start your room with a full border tile. This is only applicable if your room is an exact measurement of two feet (12 feet or 28 feet for example). In most situations, border tiles will be used around the room’s perimeter and 25″ Cross Tees will not be necessary. See the Room Planning section of the CeilingMax installation guide for more information.

CeilingMAX surface mount vinyl grid system cross tee in White is made of high-grade PVC. Snap-In technology makes installation simple and easy while Snap-Out technology provides easy access to the plenum or to replace tiles at any time. Our White color is crisp and clean; the perfect fit for any style. It can work in traditional or contemporary settings and, like a blank canvas, allows complete freedom for decorating.

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